Lao Silk, a tradition woven into generations 

In the heart of South East Asia, silk is more than a commodity for Lao people; it is an art form that weaves together heritage, sustainability and community.

Unlike other silk manufacturing counties, Laos’s wild silk is still made by hand using traditional dyeing and weaving techniques.
Historically, it was the custom of village families to teach young women every stage of the silk production process.

Nowadays, a handful of organisations took this task upon themselves and made it a mission to provide sustainable job opportunities for the women of rural Laos while preserving the traditional crafts of silk weaving and natural dyeing.
These companies use a method of producing high-quality silk that supports village life and recycles nearly everything by making byproducts out of waste.

The sophisticated techniques used to create such masterpieces depicts the Laotian way of life; an infusion of spirituality, perseverance and respect for their land.